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SHRM Conference Feedback

Dr. Robbins was amazing, I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker. you need a box beyond "Excellent" for this one. This was the best session I attended.
Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved (ad infinitum) this program. It was probably my favorite part of the whole conference. It was personal. engaging, interactive, and I could identify with a lot of things that he was saying, "Yeah, I do that." I love the science of why people are what they are and could spend a lot more time with this this speaker and topic.
This is the best concurrent session I attended. Extremely engaging and informative. Left you committed to break out of your comfort zone.
This session was fantastic. The best of all the sessions I attended.


"Wanted to take a moment to again thank you for a superb presentation at the 2008 American Cancer Society Staff Conference in State College, Pennsylvania. Your instructional techniques of weaving through pedagogy (how our mind learns), sociology, psychology, and communications; diversity concepts; story telling; and humor are truly second to none. We have received wonderful responses through our staff. Accordingly, we would like to leave the door open for further work with you. "

David F. Burns

American Cancer Society, PA Division Inc.

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your presentation at the conference yesterday. Your strategy to both communicate the reality of human nature and function, and relate to your real and very personal experience, completely revolutionized the true meanings of perception and perspective for me. The impact will help fortify my trunk as I stand amongst the other “tall trees” in our community. Thank you so much for your powerful message."

Cheryl Hall


"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping me to better understand the need for diversity in the workplace. As the HR Manager for a division of Emerson, I am responsible for our site’s Affirmative Action plan. While I have always worked to meet the letter of the law, I never truly understood the real reasons we need to build a more diverse workplace. I have attended many workshops on diversity and Affirmative Action, but I never really got it… That is, I did not understand it until you explained it. I just wanted to let you know that you reached someone and made a difference. Keep up the great work!"

Linda Scrofano

Emerson Process Management

"Steve has a wonderful way of presenting some tough issues in a manner accessible to all. His stories, insightful and humorous, contain many \'why didn\'t I see that before\' moments that bring greater illumination to the work of diversity and inclusion."

Paul Ginter

Fetzer Institute

"The 3 day workshop was powerful and insightful. Steve\'s message was simple but profound and applied to everyone. His ability to take an educational process and make it fun and enlightening while instilling the importance of inclusion and unity is exactly what our world needs today. "

Michelle Arellano

Boys & Girls Clubs

"I attended your conference today for Campbell-Ewald and was blown away. You are not only an extremely engaging speaker but your knowledge and passion about your subject matter is apparent. I was a Psych/Sociology double major at Duke. RARELY have a been to a conference on this type of subject matter since graduating, where I got much out of it, or felt the speaker had much to teach me. You were the exception. You are fabulous. I think everyone will walk away a better human."

Martha Torre Carter

Campbell-Ewald Advertising

"Steve\'s content cuts right to the core of creating inclusive corporate culture - which is building awareness, capability, and confidence in individuals."

Eve Enslow

Microsoft Corp.

"Dr. Robbins is a gifted speaker and story teller who can move people to see things they may never have seen before. His knowledge of diversity issues is only surpassed by his ability to share that knowledge in an inviting, insightful and inspirational way"

Lynsey Martin


"A powerful storyteller and communicator, Steve has a one-of-a-kind ability to bring difficult, often complex diversity issues to a space where everyone can be involved in the conversation. Insightful, humorous and challenging, these stories are a great way to engage anyone and any organization into sustained diversity dialogue."

Michael Ramirez

Herman Miller

"I met Steve when he came to our organization to help us link diversity and inclusion to creativity and innovation. He was sharing his life stories with us to teach about the importance of becoming intentional about inviting different perspective to the table and willing to include them. He helped us open a new door to 21st century dialogue about mindfulness and respect in the business environment."

Magda Nowak


"Steve has a gift for capturing personal experiences and drawing his audience into talking about powerful issues. As a trainer he has enabled us to begin crucial conversations needed to effect culture change"

Sharon Wong


"With an amazing and powerful life story at his disposal, Steve has captured the essence of why we should all engage the work of diversity an inclusion - it\'s because people, all people, matter! Like no other person, Steve brings the message of inclusion to life in a moving and meaningful way. Be touched by his gentle, yet persuasive challenge for all of us to be better citizens."

Joe Swedish

Trinity Health

"Dr. Robbins brings a unique and insightful perspective to the field of diversity. His approach to diversity helps us to recognize that we all play a role in the development of an inclusive work environment and brings the diversity discussion into the 21st century. In this country, many of the overt discriminatory acts are things of the past. The challenge now is lies in what happens in the minds of men and women."

Glenn Winfree


"I just wanted to send you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation this week at our leadership development institute. I have to say as a clinician trained in behavioral health I was a bit skeptical when I saw “mindfulness” on the agenda. Your presentation, however, is so innovative, inspirational and unique – it is truly second to none. I very much appreciated how you tied in social concepts, cognitive functioning, psychology and human behavior in a way that resonated with everyone in the audience. It was a presentation that not only educated but invigorated. "

Michelle Schafer

Clarian Health Partners


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