Dr. Robbins’ resonating style and unique framework for addressing diversity and inclusion have cultivated an A-list of clients. Over and over clients rave about his ability to engage many audiences and multiple points of view in a manner that invites rather than puts off.

Dr. Robbins does not think of himself as a “diversity expert” but as a student of human behavior. His many years studying human behavior have led him to the conclusion that “diversity work” is really the work of “understanding human behavior in a diversity context.” As he put is, “It is the study of and understanding how people engage and respond to new and novel things, whether those things are people, ideas, ways of doing, etc.” He adds, ” When it comes to what many people think of when they think about diversity it boils down to the idea of the insider and the outsider, how we label insiders and outsiders and how our labels influence our behavior.” If we can begin to understand it from that type of framework we can easily see how developing open-minded individuals and organizational cultures is the first stage of the “diversity journey” and how the work of “diversity and inclusion” can positively impact:

  1. creativity and innovation
  2. employee engagement and enthusiasm
  3. continuous learning and improvement

The unique manner in which Dr. Robbins approaches issues of diversity and inclusion, along with his engaging and motivational style are just a few of the powerful reasons why organizations call on him. His “21st century approach to diversity and inclusion” has brought numerous organizations to a paradigm-shifting way of thinking about how we should approach diversity and inclusion in a 21st century global society and competitive marketplace.