Steve's Approach

First, please call Dr. Robbins Steve. As he says, when you call him "doctor," he feels like he has to know something. With that said, Steve knows a lot about human behavior and applies that knowledge to issues of inclusion and diversity.  His approach is grounded in the science of human behavior, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Steve values both inclusion and diversity, but says he's an "inclusion guy first." That is, his research suggest that if there is not a foundation of inclusion, adding "diversity" tends to make problems worse. Why? The short answer is that the brain is hard-wired to belong, to be part of a tribe, to be included. To get the longer, scienced-based answer, you'll have to ask him.

Steve's  Story

Among the first question Steve is often asked when he keynotes or does a workshop is, "Why do you do what you do?" Take a link at the video below to see and hear Steve's answer. WARNING: having tissues on hand.

Dr. Steve L. Robbins - BIO


Steve L. Robbins, PhD


A powerful storyteller with a powerful story to tell, Dr. Steve L. Robbins has an uncanny ability to inspire people even in the midst of disrupting and challenging the way they think about the world. Born in Vietnam, Dr. Robbins immigrated with his mother to the United States where they faced many challenges during a time when there was much anti-war and anti-Vietnamese sentiment.


Working through and rising out of the challenges of poverty, discrimination and the tough streets of Los Angeles, Dr. Robbins now brings insightful perspectives on issues of inclusion & innovation, leadership, and the power of caring. Drawing upon a compelling life journey, his talks and workshops are filled with intriguing stories, laugh-out-loud humor and a keen understanding of human behavior.


Dr. Robbins uniquely knows how to simultaneously challenge and motivate people with a dynamic use of storytelling, humor and extensive knowledge of pertinent issues and concepts. The inclusive power of his message are why organizations like Disney, Walmart, NASA, Caterpillar, Boeing, Microsoft, Gap Inc., Michelin, Toyota, Daimler-Benz and numerous others call on Dr. Robbins to inspire, educate and prepare their people for the exciting challenges of dynamic and diverse environments.

A thought leader and innovator, Dr. Robbins' unique, science-based approach to inclusion and diversity has captured wide acclaim from numerous audiences and organizations across the United States. His approach does NOT blame or point fingers. It uses neuroscience and the science of human behavior to encourage individuals and organizations to be more open-minded, mindful and intentional about inclusion and valuing people for their unique gifts, abilities and experiences.

His new video training series called “Inclusion Insights” is already being talked about as a much-needed and effective tool for cultivating and maintaining conversations on pertinent inclusion and diversity related issues. He describes the short, two to three minute videos as “burst-learning” opportunities that help to create inclusive mindsets and encourage the practice of inclusive behaviors. His book, “What If? Short Stories to Spark Diversity Dialogue,” is used by numerous organizations and schools to invite people into deeper conversations about diversity, inclusion and the power of caring.

Dr. Robbins earned an undergraduate degree in Communication from Calvin College, and his masters and doctorate in Communication Science from Michigan State University. His background in communication, socio-psychology and cognitive neuroscience drive his work with individuals and organizations – the core of the work is about understanding human behavior and leveraging human differences in an ever-changing, fast-paced 21st world.

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